Meet In Person, See the Property, Review the CMA

It is difficult to give you an accurate opinion of the value of your home without making a visit.  Properties can vary widely in their values when we consider things like age, condition of major mechanical items, and the updates and fashions you see on HGTV and Houzz.  It is important to walk through the home and property in its current condition, and discuss how these factors will impact the eventual sale of your home.  At this point, we are happy to bring in some other agents from SVG to give you multiple opinions from other experienced agents involved in the purchase and sale of hundreds of homes each year.

home price evaluation in grand rapids, SVG firm

Hire the Realtor, Get the Team

If you are comfortable with what I bring to the table, it is time to talk about getting me and the SVG team working on listing and selling your home.   We will discuss what we charge and what other costs of sale that are included in the eventual sale of the property, and we can taper that discussion to various selling prices to see how they match up with your goals.  It is a time to be the most honest with each other.  We should discuss what motivates you the most, as we can only effectively match our strategy to your needs when we fully understand them and the circumstances that surround this change in your life.

The “Paperwork” and the internet

The real estate industry is one of the most regulated businesses in America.  Because of this, there is an excessive amount of paperwork needed to succeed in your transaction.  We will fully utilize state-of-the-industry technologies to make this as simple and effective as possible.  We trust our technology, and we hope (and need) that you will, too.  Bear with us, as we adapt and adopt new things that make us more effective in serving your real estate needs.  If we are involved in signing documents at a time in which there is not a face to face meeting, please schedule a phone appointment where can review all documents online, while on the phone together.