The Forest Hills community is a sought-after destination often associated with high-end suburban living.   Generally associated with the area served by the Forest Hills Public School District, the community actually consists of most of Ada Township, and parts of Cascade Township, Grand Rapids Township, and Kentwood.  A little more than 20,000 residents call the area home, with median home values well in excess of $200,000.

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Forest Hills includes Ada, a picturesque little town 6 miles due east of downtown Grand Rapids.  Downtown Ada is currently involved in a complete redevelopment, intended to better utilize its natural assets, and to create a walkable mix of residential and commercial uses for the community to gather. 

A little further south, the Cascade area also offers a nice mix of residential options and the amenities that come with commercial development.  Closer to the freeway, the commercial options of busy 28th street, and the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Cascade presents the Forest Hills option perhaps more suitable for people on the go.

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