If you’re looking to find a Realtor in Grand Rapids, Cascade, Ada, or other West Michigan communities, I’m glad you found your way to my site.  It’s possible you haven’t bought or sold a home in quite some time, and you don’t have an existing relationship with a local Realtor.  I recommend you set your standards high and maintain clear expectations when you do find a Realtor.   Allow me to share with you a set of standards and expectations I have of my own work, and if I get the opportunity to be your Realtor, this is what I offer.

find a realtor in Cascade, Ada, Grand Rapids, MI

·         Strong communication – I want you to feel educated and have an understanding of each step in this process.   I don’t like leaving details out, and neither should you.  It is also said that “time kills deals”, so we will work to have all of our communication occur in a timely fashion, whether in person, on the phone, via email, or text.  The same standards apply to SVG staff.

·         Organization – Our preparation for listing your home, or pursuit of the home you desire, will be carried out with the best possible use of processes, delegation of tasks to specialized staff members, and with state-of-the-industry technologies.   We will be thorough. 

·         Sound advice – Ultimately, you are the one making the decisions, but if you hire me to be your Realtor, you will be supported in those moments with confidence, knowledge of the market, and reliable data.  I don’t like giving advice without sound facts, and will take the extra step of supporting your decision points with good market data specific to your area.

·         Technology – We have it, and we are going to use it, in order to serve your real estate needs most efficiently.  I will, along with our staff, put the latest in smartphone and tablet technology to use, in addition to strong industry technologies like Dotloop.   We are looking to make this easier, not harder. 

In your effort to find a Realtor in the Grand Rapids area, if these attributes are close to what is important to you, I would appreciate a conversation with you about putting my strong professional standards to work on your real estate goals.  Don’t feel like you need to hire a Realtor just because you like them or they are a friend of your friend.  This is a business decision, and we will be impacting one of the larger financial investments in your life.  Contact me to see if we are a fit for each other.